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Welcome to Bring It Here! Dog Training


My goal is to help make life more enjoyable for you and your dogs.


Many times as humans we forget that dogs don't come pre-loaded with skills and manners needed to get along in our world.  When we choose to bring a dog into our lives, we have to

be willing to adapt as well.  By bringing this wonderful creature home we have made a pact

to take the time and be willing to learn, train, and most of all, enjoy this dog.

I help you forge the bond between you and your dog.  Through positive reinforcement, calmness, patience and homework, you and your dog will become a team.  Together, we will help your dog learn self control and the ability to make the right choices.  Come to you or chase that crazy squirrel over there?  We will help your dog want to choose you!

Just like people, dogs can have their own personalities and agendas. Working and learning together will enhance your bond and increase the joy in your life. 


I am a graduate of Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Academy in Manchester, NH.  As an intern at the NHSPCA in Stratham, NH, I observed many owners and their dogs learning to work together. It is an amazing transformation in the confidence and happiness of both you and your dog! When we work with our dogs, there is a trust and respect that is exchanged and a wonderful partnership can be made.

I am here to help you and your dog on your journey and look forward to working with you!


Donna Camilliere


'Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole'

- Roger Caras

Team of advisors

I was a shelter dog from West Virginia before I came to live with Donna.  I'll admit I was stubborn and willful.  I had my own agenda.  I had no interest or desire to be trained.  Donna was persistent and tried different techniques.  Eventually I took a chance, put aside my obsitnance and started to learn.  I realized learning was fun and I received an abundance of tasty treats to boot!  Now I actually look forward to the training sessions!


I was just a young pup when I met Donna.  I had no idea there was so much to learn!  Who knew I couldn't pee wherever I wanted to!  Or that the horrible crate that I hated would end up being my very own safe haven that I can retreat to when I need my space.

I am a high energy dog with a bounce in my step and a twinkle in my eye.  I love our training sessions.  I like learning new things, Apparently I am a very smart and good dog!


Donna and I do everything together!  We have been training and learning together since I was just a pup.  I love working, I am given the chance to figure things out and show how clever I am.  Plus, it's just so wonderful to spend time with my friend!  

I look forward to our sessions, we bond, we work, we have a lot of fun.  It makes me feel special and brings us closer together.  

Plus, hot dogs and cheese are delicious!

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